Weezer Trivia
Yes... Weezer is a band.  But Richard had it first.  The real first Weezer was a character in the "Little Rascals" back in the 1930's.  Richard's first media job was Radio DJ at top Rock station in Dayton, Ohio.  As nobody could spell or pronounce Wieser, the Program Director asked him to use the moniker "The Weezer." 

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Weezer believes it is not all about gizmos and gadgets. It's not about the latest whiz bang box. It's about communicating.  Technology is just the tool that helps you reach your audience.  We work with you to implement the audio, video & presentation technology solution that best communicates your message. 

Weezer is an independent consultant; not representing any manufacturer, 

reseller or contractor. Weezer  represents you. With in-depth knowledge of the best equipment and service providers we help you maximize the benefits and minimize the risk of media technology today and tomorrow.


Richard's career spans Broadcast TV, video production,

audiovisual integration, corporate communications and

event technology. His progressive experience from

technician to management  includes Videographer, Editor,

Producer, Marketing Manager, Account Executive,

Operations Manager and General Manager. He earned a

Master Degree in Broadcast Management from Ohio University.


This broad background offers him a unique perspective; a business aptitude combined with technical ability and creative sensibilities.