Presto! Instant Video Professional

Digital has changed everything. Cameras and Edit software have become commodities. This inexpensive gear combined with broader distribution via the internet, has changed the very nature of who produces video and how it is distributed.  And this is great.

Or is it?  A friend has years of experience as Producer/Director. Starting off shooting 16mm he now produces high-budget live webcasts. So he’s no Neanderthal. He sarcastically said, “best thing about digital video is anybody can do it  The worst thing about digital video is anybody can do it. 

The same friend asked, “what does it take to be a video producer? Nowadays all you need is a camera, a business card and a website. And you don’t really need the website.” Forget the Communications degree.  Waste of time. Working in the trenches learning your craft?  You can learn watching YouTube.  Paying your dues?  Just do it.  Just buy a camera and Final Cut Pro. Presto! Instant video professional.  

I met a “producer” who told me he never uses lights because, “the cameras are so sensitive you don’t need lights.”  Another asked me why buy multiple microphones?  “The mic on the camera works fine.”  True stories.

This “Dilbert” strip illustrates this phenomenon so perfectly.    


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